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In the Footsteps of Simeon Meade: Escape Kilmainham Gaol - Part II: The Evidence Locker

Part 2 of the Simeon Meade series.

This game has gotten better reviews, but much less play than the previous one.

It is longer and easier than the first.

Play Part 1


4K Contest Entry

(latest revision: 2009/03/17) had a 4K contest where all games entered had to be under 4 kilobytes (4,096 bytes). This is similar in style to the old Atari 2600 games, and it sounded like a fun idea.

Here is my entry: Gompers

The mechanic is similar to the Gladiator game I made a few years ago.


  • You play a golden mermaid who is fighting off incoming cruise ships
  • The character follows the cursor, the ships follow your character
  • Clicking the mouse launches a harpoon. If the harpoon hits a ship while in flight, it damages the ship
  • You have a finite number of harpoons. You have to retrieve your spent harpoons in order to use them again
  • If you collide with a ship, the ship capsizes, and you lose 10% of your life
  • Obstacles slow you down, and slow down the ships. Obstacles include: capsized ships and your seaweed net in the center of the screen
  • Each level spawns ships, the number of which is equal to the level number (3 ships in level 3)
  • Each level the ships get a little bigger, a little faster, and a little stronger (can handle more harpoon strikes)
  • Each level you get one additional harpoon. If your health is below 100%, you get a 10% boost in health each level.
  • The first few levels are intended to get the player familiar with the mechanics, later on the strategy involves trapping the oncoming ships amongst the seaweed and capsized ships